About Us

Generous Limestone (“Genlime”) is a professional services and consulting firm aimed at supporting small to medium-sized businesses with their back office operations. We support your tax, accounting, technology, human resources, or other back office challenges. Whether you run a restaurant, IT company, manufacturing facility or other business, we have the expertise to support your operations.

Back office operations are usually neglected. They are the less glamorous, non-revenue generating areas, but are critical for the effective management of your business. Streamlining your back office operations will allow your company to support increased revenue and profitability – growth.

We work with management to determine efficient, cost-effective ways to improve business performance, enabling sustained growth. We take the time to carefully develop a plan of action, ensuring quality of our services and customer satisfaction.

Our team has deep industry experience combined with strong technology and business expertise. Our staff has worked with start-ups to large-multinational corporations. We’ve seen companies suffer from the same back office problems – focusing too much on revenue generation without maintaining back office systems to support the growth – the result is inefficient and disorganized operations leading to the inability to sustain or support growth.

Work with us, and allow us to help you set the foundation that will support your growing business.